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Name:Houses of Dreamwidth
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The Houses of Dreamwidth: yet another of #dw's bizarre ideas. Dreamwidth volunteers get sorted into a house governed by an IRC bot depending on their personality:

Bit: people who like answering questions and solving problems.
Bugsy: people who like finding and/or fixing bugs, or generally trying to perfect the site.
Nagios: people who like to have everyone's attention ALL THE TIME.
hEll: people with humorous insensitivity (as in, "I'm so going to hEll for this...")

Sorting is by self-declaration, consensus, and/or people consigning you there. If you're undecided, come into IRC and ask bit which house you should be in.
Once you've been sorted into a House, snag the relevant icon from the community icon page (with credit to [personal profile] katieastrophe) and go have some fun!

With thanks to [personal profile] azurelunatic and [personal profile] jd for helping to compile the community profile, and [personal profile] jamie for pngcrushing the icons.

Interests (17):

#dw, bit, bots, bugs, bugsy, docs, faqs, going to hell, hell, hey mark hey mark hey mark!!!, nagios, not the translation system, send foo to hell!, shiny things, sorting, spr0t, things spawned by irc
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