tajasel: Katie, with a purple wig on. (Dreamwidth: House of Bit)
[personal profile] tajasel2009-05-03 03:01 am

You're probably wondering how we decided what the crests for the Houses look like...


House of Bit has a dragon because bit is also Figment, who is also a dragon in "some thing", according to [personal profile] azurelunatic.
House of Bugsy has a ladybird because Bugsy tells us about bugs, and the ladybird is a cute bug that a bugphobic in channel could handle looking at :-)
House of hEll has a phoenix because hEll throws things back out at channel members, in a similar way to how phoenixes recreate themselves.
House of Nagios has a kitty because Nagios likes to bug [staff profile] mark, just like kitties like to bug humans for attention ^_^

Credit for these ideas goes to [personal profile] zarhooie.

Explanation of the characteristics of the members of each House, and how to be sorted, is available on the [community profile] houses profile page.

The colour schemes and shapes were decided on the fly by me ([personal profile] tajasel) and I don't really have many explanations for them; they just seemed to work.